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Allan is the web designer responsible for work on the NVR website. He currently builds and hosts a growing number of websites for charities and small businesses who need a reliable, cost-effective service and a helping hand when necessary. Allan's company, Mill House Media, can also help with copywriting, blog articles, short videos for social media, email newsletters and design and layout for e-books and printed material. With 40 years of experience (he launched his first business in 1982) his track record includes hundreds of articles and video scripts, eight published books, and a clutch of award-winning video and audiovisual presentations, He is now looking to use his skills to benefit charities like NVR and further their good work.

  • Delivery methods: Online, By telephone
  • First name: Allan
  • Last name: Scott

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NVR Innovations


I have been practicing NVR since 2008 and am a founding member of NVR UK, currently acting as Chair. I am highly experienced in both group and individual NVR practice and have been training NVR practitioners since 2014 in health, social care, educational and youth work settings. My special areas of interest are NVR in schools and helping to develop parent and practitioner networks. I love the way NVR is coming to be called 'connecting authority'; a New Vision on Relationships.

  • Services offered: NVR practitioner training, NVR supervision, NVR consultation
  • Delivery methods: In person, Online
  • First name: Margaret
  • Last name: Smith

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I took part in the Non Violent Resistance program when struggling with my own child’s challenging behaviours 10 years ago. I have followed a pathway to train and qualify as an accredited practitioner in 2015, building NVR South in 2018 with 2 other parent practitioners and supporting many other parents as I once was. As an NVR lived experience practitioner I go into the local community and teach the program to other parents in groups including Schools, NHS settings and community groups, also running online and 1 to 1 sessions. I am currently membership secretary for NVR UK and have been part of the committee for 2 Years, I am so looking forward to the new NVR UK project and being part of the NVR UK Presence hub.

  • Services offered: NVR for families - 1-to-1 delivery, NVR for families - group delivery
  • Delivery methods: In person, Online
  • First name: Aimi
  • Last name: Willmer

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