Membership Criteria for NVR UK

  • Membership at £20.00 per annum (the amount per annum is agreed at the Annual General Meeting each year)
  • Commitment to:
      • the professional standards and accreditation covered by the NVR UK Code of Practice
      • Continuing Professional Development
      • demonstrating the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity at all times
      • supporting the NVR International Charter and to the NVR principles in our everyday lives and work in the spirit of Gandhi and Martin Luther King
      • supporting one another in the promotion and the dissemination of the NVR attitude in ourselves, families, schools, communities, organisations and in the political sphere
      • attending the Annual General Meeting where possible

Benefits of Membership

  • Advertising (newsletters and conferences)
  • Information about training courses, events, certification and conferences
  • Networking opportunities
  • Raising professional profile
  • Commitment to NVR UK
  • Opportunities to meet with like-minded people and experienced NVR professionals through interest groups, meetings and events
  • By ‘giving something back’ to the organisation by presenting at an event or writing an article
  • Recognition in the form of Awards

Eligibility to Join NVR UK

  • NVR Practitioners
  • Parent Representatives
  • Parents that have completed an NVR course
  • Professionals who support the NVR Vision

Please note: As a member, you will not automatically meet the standard of the accreditation criteria.

We would like each individual member to feel that he/she is receiving value for money and has the chance to contribute their voice to the development of Nonviolent Resistance.

To enrol, please follow link below.