NVR Hubs join together communities of NVR across the UK and beyond.

Somewhere to connect, share and support one another.

Denise Wilson was appointed by NVR UK steering group to take the lead on setting up a new special interest group for the regional hubs, after feedback regarding NVR connections and networking in different locations. 

Denise asked for volunteers to join her in thinking how to set up regional hubs, Julie Hamisi, Helen McEleny, Annette Barratt and Penny Willis volunteered and together we worked on the idea of building hubs.

At the NVR UK AGM 2022 we announced we would launch the concept on the 16th July 2022 and everyone was welcome to join a NVR Hub.

Following the launch, many local hubs have been set up across the country and the world, currently with 25 locations on the NVR Hub map, please do contact us if you would like to add your location.

Penny Willis and Annette Barratt are currently leading the NVR Hubs. They work to continue developing NVR Hubs and all of the NVR UK steering group would like to thank them for their time, we look forward to this amazing development continuing to grow.


This is a wonderful opportunity to connect and network with others who share a passion for NVR , spread your ideas and opportunities within your local area or find a NVR special interest group link.

Please follow the link below