NVR Accreditation

NVR UK aims to standardise NVR practice across the United Kingdom to ensure high quality provision.  To this end, the Accreditation Special Interest Group has put together an Accreditation Table outlining the criteria for achieving Levels 1, 2 and 3 of NVR practitioners.

Completion of each level of NVR training enables practitioners to implement their learning of the parenting approach in different ways.  The table below outlines of what type of work practitioners can do at each level:

Training Level

Practitioner/Practice Title

Type of practice/training practitioners are permitted to carry out


NVR-informed practice

·        Integrate the NVR principles into their work with individual families

·        Shadow NVR parent/carer groups

·        Undertake Level 2 training


Applied NVR practice

All at Level 1, plus:

·        Deliver specific NVR courses with individual families

·        Co-facilitate an NVR parent/carer groups with NVR supervision by an NVR UK accredited supervisor

·        Undertake Local Supervisor training

·        Undertake Level 3 training


Accredited NVR practitioner

All at Level 2, plus:

·        Lead NVR parent/carer groups

·        Undertake Accredited Supervisor training

·        Undertake Level 4A, Train-the-Trainer training


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