Dr Uri WeinblattContactivity

Advanced NVR Interventions for Overcoming Avoidance

The presentation outlines and elaborates the main themes to working with parents of avoidant individuals and the relevant adjustments required in the practices employed by therapists who have hitherto worked moslly with children with behavioural problems.

Dr Weinblatt is a clinical psychologist and renowned specialist in parent training in the treatment of children and adolescents. He has contributed significantly to the development of NVR around the world.

Tara Kelly and Grace Bermingham

Building Support Networks for NVR Practitioners:
The Possibilities and Challenges

Tara has been working with children and families for over twenty-five years within Tusla, the Child and Family Agency. Tara holds a MSc in Child Protection and Welfare and is a Doctoral researcher in the University of Galway. Her research study is concerned with parental experiences of child to parent violence and abuse and he NVR model. Tara is an NVR trainer and practitioner. She uses this model extensively in her work with parents and supervises a team of Social Workers and Social Care Workers in using this approach.

Grace is a Family Support Coordinator/ Senior Social Work Practitioner with Tusla, Chile! and Family Agency Family Support Service in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Since 2003, Grace has worked across the various Social Work functions within the Child and Family Agency, the statutory body responsible for Child Protection and Welfare in Ireland. Grace is an NVR PractitiMer providing NVR in groups and to individual parents. She supervises a team of Family Support Practitioners in their NVR practice with families in the community and over the past five years she has supported, with her colleagues, the development and implementation of both the Wicklow Local Area & the East Coast Area NVR Practitioners Network.

NVR South Practitionerand Southampton University Parent Research Project

Details of our quantitative study into the impact of NVR in parent-led group programmes.

Associate Professor Tormod Rimehaug

Caring AuthorityInnovative elements for use in multi-arena NVR work

A Dutch/English manual for the institutional use of NVR strategies has been expanded for multi-arena use, and with new innovative intervention elementsTwo of these will be presented for discussion: “The Red detour” for use when danger to life and health arimminent and “Turning back time”, designed to accelerate exploration and testing of alternative constructive behaviour. The strategies will be presented for discussion about usability/acceptability and potential pitfalls and dangerin practical use.

Dawn Oliver and Rachel Braverman

NVR as a Tool for Recovery After
Intimate Partner Violence

Dawn is an NVR Practitioner and Supervisor and Rachel is an NVR Informed Practitioner. Both are also Directors of the NVR Practitioners Consortium.

ClaiO’DonovanSarah Bottriell and Sarah Jones

NVR ConnectedFamilieand Beyond

A multi-agency approach to NVR designed to empower a community and make positive connections between families and agencies with a view to tackling local ASB and raise awareness of county lines and the risks involved.

Tony Meehan with special guest
Dr Clare Rees

New Authority in SchoolsProviding an alternative to Old Authority

Exploring Haim Omer’s conceptualisation of New Authority and how it can be cultivated in schools and form the bedrock of a change in approaches to behaviour management.

Tony is an NVR Practitioner, PartnershipProjects Associate, and Retired Head of Alternative Provision Schools.

DRees is Headteacheat HavelocPrimary School and Primary Lead foEaling Learning Partnership (ELP).

Elaine Nicholls and Gail Humphrey

From Confusion to Embodiment

Exploring the journey from confusion to embodiment and the impact of the wider system on helping or hindering this process.

Elaine is an Independent NVR Practitioner and Mental Health Nurse who found her way to NVR as an adoptive parent. Gail is an NVR Parent Coach, an experienced Children’s Nurse, and an adoptive parent. 

Sarah Fisher

My Lessons from Growing as an NVR Practitioner

I’ll be sharing my reasons for training in NVR, how I’ve grown my business
and what I’ve learnt along the way.

Sarah is an adoptive Mum, author and experienced NVR Practitioner and Educator and has trained in hypnotherapy. She has an MSc in Educational leadership and spent 12 years working in schools.

Joanna Dove and Carol Richards

NVR – Connecting Families Through a Trauma and Attachment Pathway

We are a small team of Specialist Social Workers sitting within Nottinghamshire Children’s Social Care but with an interface that supports a strong connection to Community CAMHs, with whom we co-deliver NVR. We would like to share how we use NVR as the foundation of our Trauma and Attachment Pathway, to strengthen family and wider network relationships and promote recovery and repair from relational trauma.

Part of the presentation will be talking with a parent about their experiences of NVR and their journey through our pathway.

Jack WilsonReceivinNVR

What it is like to experience NVR as a child and how that has influenced the way that I practice NVR with families in working with both parents and children.

What it is like to experience NVR as a child and how that has influenced the way that I practice NVR with families, working with both parents and adolescents.

Jack is and NVR Practitioner in Private Practice working with CAHMS Services, Adoption Services, and local authorities across the UK.

Lisa Henderson & Brigitte Short

Renfrewshire Education Psychology Service
Embedding NVR through Nurturing
Relationships in School; a Local
Authority-wide Approach

Lisa is an Educational Psychologist with a background in EY/Primary teaching and Mental Health Support work. Lisa is currently jointly leading Renfrewshire’s Non-Violent (NVR) Programme with Ren10 and is committed to supporting and empowering parents, carers and school staff through this evidence-based approach.

Brigitte is a qualified teacher and educational psychologist with a special interest in behaviour, she is the joint lead in Renfrewshire in NVR (Non-Violent Resistance) and runs parenting groups, conducts level 1 training, and assists schools to implement NVR. She is passionate about finding ways to assist families in crisis.

Dan Clark: MindJam

MindJam offers emotional support and guidance for children and adolescents through the use of gaming and game creation. We provide online one-to-one mentorship and guidance for children suffering with anxiety, stress, and social issues; through positivity, learning new skills and play.

Dan is an ex-teacher and founder of MindJam

Pete BrownNarrative influencein NVR

‘‘Strike when the iron is cold’ is a great idea, but what do we say at these times?

As human beings ‘we live in language’. This presentation will focus on how we coach parents and carers to take care with words in repairing relationships with children, and with themselves using a variety of pre-planned comments based on the principle of connection before correction.

Pete is a family therapist and the parenting lead for Greenwich CAMHS, Oxleas NHS Trust, based in South London.

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