I took part in the Non Violent Resistance program when struggling with my own child’s challenging behaviours 10 years ago. I have followed a pathway to train and qualify as an accredited practitioner in 2015, building NVR South in 2018 with 2 other parent practitioners and supporting many other parents as I once was. As an NVR lived experience practitioner I go into the local community and teach the program to other parents in groups including Schools, NHS settings and community groups, also running online and 1 to 1 sessions. I am currently membership secretary for NVR UK and have been part of the committee for 2 Years, I am so looking forward to the new NVR UK project and being part of the NVR UK Presence hub.

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I am an NVR accredited practitioner, supervisor and trainer and have many years of experience in working with children and families, in the NHS, in various roles. I qualified as a family therapist in 2006 and subsequently as a systemic supervisor. Since discovering and training in NVR I continue to enjoy working with families, individuals, and professionals and I am passionate about the positive changes which NVR can make. I work both in person and online. My particular interest is in supporting others in developing NVR practice.

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I have been an Accredited Practitioner of NVR since 2015. I was lucky enough to have been trained by some of the founding members of NVR UK and have been actively delivering NVR ever since. I offer 1:1 Bespoke NVR interventions in family’s homes, as well as running groups in the community and in local schools. I am also a qualified Gestalt Counsellor so can offer dual intervention for families which include NVR for the Parents and 1:1 Counselling/Emotional Understanding for the Child/Young Person. This 2 pronged approach has seen very positive results. I am able to also offer ongoing support via phone or email and this enables the NVR approach time to cement into a family and for individual situations to be overcome as and when they arise. I am also a qualified NVR Supervisor and would be able to offer online or face to face supervision to fellow NVR Practitioners. I can be flexible in my working hours and can cover the local areas as well as Hampshire and beyond.

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BA(OPEN) DIPLOMA S.W, DIPLOMA HE. MSC FAMILY THERAPY, DIPLOMA TEACHING, TRAINING & SUPERVISION. We offer NVR training to individuals and organisations such as Local Authorities, CAMHS, Adolescent Psychiatric Services, Forensic CAMHS Units and Adoption and Fostering agencies. All of our training is delivered to NVR UK Accredited Standards. We are a small organisation, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and the personal touch to meet your needs. All of our trainers are highly qualified and have active experience of delivering NVR with individuals and groups as well as training and supervision in NVR.

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Having been trained in NVR as a parent bringing up my Autistic Son in 2014, I became a level 3 NVR Practitioner in 2015. This enables me to work in Schools, delivering the NVR course to parents as well as combining my further qualifications in Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health (Level 3), Autism Awareness Diploma (Level 3) and Mindfulness in Children (Level 3). More recently I am out in the community delivering in person group programs with NVR South Parent Practitioners. As an NVR convert and using it both professionally and personally for many years, I am pleased to become a member of NVR UK and look forward to the further delivery and roll out of NVR in the UK and worldwide.

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Myself and two other parents built NVR South Parent Practitioners, to support those struggling with challenging behaviours from their child or children in the home, school and community. I have been working as an NVR Parent Practitioner in Southampton and Hampshire, having attended an NVR group in 2014 when struggling with my daughter’s extreme behaviour and going on to train as an accredited practitioner. Although working for 20 years in banking before I had my third child, I began to volunteer in schools after seeing my daughter struggle every day and then went on to train as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and School Librarian. I am proud to be a member of the steering group for NVR UK and have a special interest in Parent Participation and the Child's Voice within NVR. Like my colleagues, I use NVR strategies every day with my daughter who is amazing! I know that our lived experiences help to break down barriers and give other parents hope.

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I trained as a Family Therapist in 2009 and started my NVR journey in 2016 where I trained as a practitioner and trainer. Since that time I have gone on to train many staff working in an adolescent inpatient unit with aggressive and violent young people. NVR informed practices has supported the inpatient unit to create a culture of inclusion, understanding and acceptance along side the importance of persistence and parental presence. NVR tools and techniques will continue to support staff working in challenging environments. I am currently in the process of setting up and running a day service programme for anorexia nervous and creating another NVR informed system. I am Lucky enough to have an opportunity to expand the realms of NVR and what it can achieve by becoming an active member of NVR UK and uniting with colleagues and parents to spread the philosophy of NVR.

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