My name is Helen McEleny and I hold the following MSc social work, MSc and BACP accredited Integrative Psychotherapist, accredited NVR practitioner and supervisor. Together with my friend and colleague Julie Hamisi, I have been delivering NVR both individually and within groups in CAMHS for many years. More recently we have begun delivering training and workshops, including bespoke elements, to CAMHS teams, DAFT members and MSc students. All our training is delivered to NVR UK Accredited Standards. Our NVR Informed Training is accessible, experiential, interactive and informed by our passion and enthusiasm. I particularly connect with the use of pictures, metaphors and stories within NVR and I feel NVR conveys complex ideas in a way that both families and practitioners can connect to. By the end of our level one training our attendees can share NVR with individuals, they can run groups and they can practice within a wide range of complex settings. Overall, they become confident, passionate, and energised NVR practitioners.

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My name is Julie Hamisi and together with my colleague and friend, Helen McEleny we offer NVR Informed Training for professionals within CAMHS, Social Care and training organisations. Our NVR Informed Training is delivered to NVR UK Accredited Standards. After many years of working as a nurse, midwife and health visitor I began to specialise in children’s mental health and in 2013 qualified as a Systemic Family Psychotherapist and subsequently as a supervisor. I am accredited by AFT and a member of UKCP. My passion for NVR began in 2008 after attending the NVR conference and being inspired by listening to parents who had been part of the NVR programme. It is this passion that we hope to share with colleagues within our training, our aim is for participants to leave on Day 4 feeling inspired and confident to share the ideas. I hold onto and am influenced by Haim Omer who said that if we really want to help children, then we have to enable their parents to feel heard and understood and it is this message that I wish to take forward.

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