How to add your own listing

Check the existing listings

Want to see the existing listings? Just click on the button to open the listings page in a new tab. (It is not currently visible to casual visitors.)

Look at a sample listing form

Use this button to see a sample listing form – it will appear in a new tab so you can come back and look at it alongside the instructions below.

And now fill in your own details

Please note that all boxes marked with an asterisk are required – you won’t be able to submit the form until they are filled in.

  • Under Category, please choose the NVR Practitioner option – it’s important to do this as otherwise your listing won’t appear!
  • Under Title please put the name of your practice, if different from your own, or your own name if that is what you call yourself in the context of your practice.
  • Under Services offered and Delivery methods please tick all that apply

The rest of the form is hopefully self-explanatory, but I appreciate that not everyone wants to give full contact details online. That said I’d be grateful if, under Address, you could include either the county or, ideally, the town and the county where you work. This will help visitors find the practitioners nearest to them.

It’d be good if you could submit a (good quality) image either of yourself or of your logo, if you have one. It does need to be, ideally, at least 500 pixels square. If you’re struggling, I will help!

Just one oddity – the Location option. Ideally please select the region in which you operate, then choose the county from the new option box which will then appear just below the first. This creates entries on a separate Locations page, and as this is an option built into the software, and can’t be turned off, we may as well make good use of it! Don’t worry if the map below looks weird – it should sort itself out if you put at least a basic address in as well.

Finally – and very importantly – note the controls at the very bottom of the page. You can save a draft at any time, but to do that, or to submit the form for approval, it’s vital to tick the box marked ‘I’m not a robot’. This ‘Captcha’ form has been put in to prevent web bots from creating junk entries on the site.

If you’re saving an interim draft you’ll notice that another ‘Preview’ button appears. Click on that to see what you entry will look like when it’s live on the site.

When you’re happy with your entry – and you’ve ticked the Captcha box – press the blue button marked ‘Place Listing’ to submit your form. Once the admins have signed it off your finished entry will appear on the Listings page.

It is possible to edit an entry after it has gone up, so don’t worry if you spot a mistake after you’ve submitted it. And if you have any problems, please drop me an email.

Allan Scott, Mill House Media


Ready? Now open the form in a new tab...

…so you can come back to this page if you need to!