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What is NVR UK?

NVR UK is an organisation made up of NVR practitioners as well as parents and carers who have had training in NVR.

The role of the organisation is to spread the word about the benefits of NVR, to champion its delivery and by means of research to continue to raise the standard of practitioners in the UK.

Our website was relaunched in July 2016 and continues to be work-in-progress.  Check back for more news and updates throughout the remainder of 2016.

What is NVR?

NVR was developed by Haim Omer and his colleagues at the University of Tel Aviv. NVR stands for Non Violent Resistance and was originally developed as an approach to parenting and caring for those young people who are violent, risk taking, aggressive or self-destructive. The technique is now being used in a variety of settings including work in communities and schools and also with adults.

The concept of NVR, as its name suggests, is based on the non-violent resistance principles of those activists such as Gandhi or Martin Luther King and their approach to the oppressive regimes they were living under. They decided to take a counter intuitive approach using techniques such as symbolic protests and non-co-operation and their efforts, along with some innovative thinking and a great deal of patience, eventually bore fruit.

Why should I try the NVR approach?

The great advantage of NVR is that it requires no commitment on the part of the young person; the choice to use the NVR approach lies entirely with the person who is on the receiving end of the unwanted behaviour, the parent, carer or partner. To that end NVR offers a number of practical tools that people can use to help the person to choose to better control their behaviour and allows the parent or carer to regain confidence in themselves, to better their own mental health and to rebuild rapport and trust.


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