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Fortunately, everyone here speaks English and is willing to help out a lost looking middle-aged English man wandering the back streets of Maastricht.

My name is Justin Claxton and I work for Ormiston Families, one of East Anglia’s leading children’s charities.  I deliver on our NVR programme for parents, Parental Presence, and I’m over here to attend the Workshop on Non Violent Resistance and its Interventions in Adult-Children. The workshop is being organised by the Tel Aviv Centre for NVR Psychology and the School voor systemiche opleidingen and will be held at the Lumiere Cinema in Maastricht between the 3rd and the 5th of November 2016.

I’ve spent the day travelling from Ipswich in Suffolk to a hotel in Maastricht, the Netherlands, courtesy of the Eurostar and Belgian intercity train services.  It’s amazing how far you can travel in just 10 hours!  I’m looking forward to the workshop’s opening day tomorrow and the opportunity to talk NVR with the 40 or so delegates in sessions devoted to the macro-political NVR (whatever that is!), the political crisis of the post-modern family (I might be able to chip in with some personal insights here! 🙂 ) and the practices and principles of NVR.

I’ll be blogging at the end of each day with a short summary of the key points covered, what I’ve learnt as a lay-person and how I hope to apply this in my work with the carers and parents on our Parental Presence programme.

Now, where did I leave that pre-course reading…