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“Dear all,

I am a Graduate Parent Facilitator who has been actively involved in Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) since 2013.

My passion was to support other parents who have also had their child(ren)  exploited into selling class A drugs. He was a gang victim, and I was a victim as his parent. My son began being manipulated and exploited from the age of 14!

This, as you can imagine, is any parents nightmare. Not only was he involved in such a thing, he was going missing for days, weeks and then months.

As a promise to myself, I have been involved in NVR in many ways for the best part of 4 years, which as bizarre as it may sound a very negative/heartbreaking journey has turned into a very positive/rewarding journey.

My ultimate dream was to help other parents who are going through the same struggles of not knowing where to go and who to talk too so being part of a service where parents are able to reach out by any means was my aim.

My dream came true as I am part of an Independent organisation called ‘HOPE’ which is an organisation whom support women that have/are subjected to Domestic Abuse.

I have been privileged to co-ordinate, facilitate groups, advocate, mentor clients 121, offered telephone support as an emergency and general service as well as via text messages and emails supporting existing clients using the NVR principles.

This is a unique course as HOPE NVR is a flexible programme that can be for the focus on challenging behaviors relating to CHILDREN as well as ADULTS.

This was is a pilot project which had gone phenomenally well.

The outcomes for most parents was amazing,

The results relating to the women that attended (because of presenting problems from their children ) promoted a sense of empowerment and rebuilding of healthy relationship(s)

The results relating to the women that attended (because of presenting problems from an abusive ex partner) was mind blowing, as the strength and courage that they regained (as they were no longer victims) was remarkable.

Both results reformed a point of making a positive impact in the families as a whole as well as in the community.

This course had a specialty of another kind, demonstrating that no matter how mild or severe that the ‘Domestic Abuse’ world can be – using the Non Violent Resistant approach albeit in written or verbal form is as powerful as the current in a light bulb.

We are so proud of the women, as the reality is, life in general has calmer which can turn into a storm which can end up as a tornado, however the essence of NVR is that as long as its applied to its full potential, there will always be a positive result.

To reward the parents achievements we held a fabulous Certificate Ceremony where each mother had shared their individual journeys to an audience of family members including children and professionals.

Persistence is key, as I can tell you that I eat, sleep and breath NVR to the point that I can say it taste real good as nobody and nothing can bring me down to the point of non existence – never again !!!!!!!”

‘Parent A’, London

October 2016