NVR UK. Peaceful Opposition.
A national organisation and professional accreditation body.

We aim to spread the word about the benefits of NVR, champion its delivery and, by means of research, continue to raise the standard of practitioners in the UK.

The NVR Tree

NVR stands for Non Violent Resistance. The NVR Parenting Approach was originally developed to support adults caring for young people presenting with behaviours that concern such as violence, risk taking, aggression or self-destruction. The NVR approach is now being used in a variety of contexts including adoption, communities, SEND, schools and with adults in both direct work and in group settings.

Please explore our NVR Tree. The roots represent the founders, activists and leaders in NVR movements; the leaves and trunk outline the approaches, principles and methods that underpin the Non Violent Resistance Parenting Approach. Click on any individual leaf or marked area for more information.

3rd National NVR UK Conference Presentations

On 28th June 2019, the 3rd National NVR Conference took place in the UK. The event was well attended and there were so many great speakers. Here you will find links to audio and document files which you can access at your convenience.

How to become an NVR UK Accredited NVR practitioner

There are a number of NVR UK Accredited Training Organisations who are working to NVR UK Accreditation Standards. Please contact them direct to find out more details of their training pathways up to and including Levels 1, 2, and 3 (full NVR UK Accredited Practitioner status).

Reasons to become a member of NVR UK

We would like each individual member of this organisation to have the opportunity to contribute their voice to the development of Non Violent Resistance in the UK.  We anticipate that as a result of their membership of NVR UK, individuals will benefit from raising their professional profile, accessing networking opportunities and increasing their knowledge of the application of the NVR principles across contexts and countries.

NVR Charter

“We commit to the principles of NVR in our life and work. In the spirit of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others we support each other in the promotion and the dissemination of the NVR attitude in ourselves, families, schools, communities, organisations and in the political sphere. We raise our voice and take a stand for a responsible leadership in an open and transparent manner.”